2024. It’s Time To Restore.

Yes… it’s late. But hey, late is better than never! I wanted to take a moment to say Happy New Year to you. I am so incredibly grateful for the many connections I made last year, for the hours spent spinning tracks & helping others lose themselves in the moment, and for the incredibly meaningful conversations I had.

I walked away with more understanding of how to allow myself to be encouraged and supported by others.

I became more gracious with myself in situations that were out of my control.

I learned that an alignment on a vehicle is very necessary to prevent tires from shredding.

I learned that I have a hard time dealing with inconsiderate & entitled folks.

I learned how tough it is to be close in proximity to family while other siblings are multiple hours – or provinces – away & aren’t afforded the same luxury.

I learned that words have more power than I realized. I can choose to bless or curse others; I must choose wisely how I speak.

I learned that I am comfortable in isolation & disconnection from others because that is how my formative years were. Talking takes time, energy & most importantly… trust. If I choose to not be vulnerable, I may protect myself in the moment, but I am also choosing to lose an opportunity to be known. There’s nothing more special than being truly known for who I am, who I was & who I desire to be.

I learned that while my life isn’t where I anticipated it would be – or where I would like it to be – it is where it is for a purpose. There’s a reason for the nights where I’ve been lost in desperation, frustration & dismay.

If I can’t be comfortable with myself & being the best I can be as a single man, I won’t be the man I need to be in a relationship. While it is a blessing & a privilege to do life beside another, if I am not consistent & doing the things daily that I need to stay healthy, being in a relationship won’t fix it.

Relationships aren’t two people coming together 50/50. It’s two people coming together 100% to create a bond. If you’re only bringing half of yourself forward, the other person will suffer for it. Heal the wounds that are dormant in your mind, your past & in your day to day life. Become comfortable with who you once were. Fight to become the person you desire to be.

I am optimistic. 2024 – the year of Jack Bauer (Those who know… know) is going to be a good year. I am not who I was 12 months ago, nor will be the same person in a year I am today. Every day I am striving to be the man I was created to be. The choice to become that person starts today. And then tomorrow. And the next day. Every single day I need to choose to show up, stay consistent & fight for the future I desire and know I’m meant for.

If a computer isn’t maintained, it can become bogged down, slow and unproductive. The brain is much the same. If I don’t take time every day to defrag, receive system updates & restore the proper settings, I will keep getting bogged down until I am unproductive & burnt out.

2024. It’s time to restore.

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