JD Hunter

JD Hunter, the pseudonym of Jeremy DeRaadt, is a passionate & enthusiastic DJ, Master of Ceremonies, Motivational Speaker, Radio Announcer, Producer & Programmer, Audio & Video Producer, Audio/Visual Technician & Creative Writer.

Beginning his passion for music, radio & mixing music at 6 years old, JD loves storytelling, communicating & relating to those he’s speaking with.

After living through the 2016 Horse River Wildfire in Fort McMurray & multiple cases of abuse as a child, JD has battled through heavy depression, anxiety, isolation & suicidal ideation, coming to the brink of death multiple times. He never gave up, even in the midst of profound darkness.

These experiences have given JD a passion for sharing hope through DJ performances & public speaking engagements.

Bringer Of Good Times/DJ

There are few people on this earth that lose themselves in the moment the way JD Hunter does.

As a Professional DJ for 10+ years and an avid music lover for 20+ years, JD is always the one to plug in beats to show you something fresh. Discovering radio & the art of mixing music at 6 years old, JD has gone from his bedroom to mixing at events with thousands in attendance.

Truly living in the moment is an art form in itself. Much of the reason JD is booked comes from playing for 5 people the same way he plays for larger audiences.

Formerly based in Calgary, Fort McMurray & once again Red Deer, JD Hunter has been part of events throughout Canada since he was a teenager.


Starting as a radio announcer, JD Hunter shifted gears into sharing his story. He went from a place of profound darkness and found his way back into the light. 

JD shares his story at both virtual and in person engagements. JD co-hosts an online men’s community for those who deal with sexual addiction. He also speaks about mental illness & recovery from abuse, addiction, perfectionism & isolation.

JD will gladly visit your school, church or recovery community to inject some hope into your journey. As a partner with the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s HEADSTRONG initiative, JD has shared with thousands of students in elementary & high schools across the country.

The main point JD wants you to know is this: you matter, you are loved & there is purpose for your life. Don’t go it alone. You are meant for greater things than what you may believe in your darkest season.

Don’t give up! 

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